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Developed in cooperation with Tentacles Innovation, Beacon Fields introduces the Soil Beacon 30, a full outdoor beacon with three sensors using Sigfox data network tranmission technology. The Soil Beacon 30 has been developed for the professional user who's daily concern it is to monitor temperature/moist conditions beneath the surface.

What does it measure?

Instant efficiency

Soil temperature

Real-time and continious data

Light intensity

Moisture level

Data storage in the Cloud

Sigfox network (global coverage)

Easy to install and expand

Save on irrigation,
pesticides and time

How does it work? This video shows how easy it is to get started with our Beacons.

Dutch TV channel Omroep West takes a closer look at the Soil Beacon 30: 17.34 - 19.45 

Beacon Fields is ontwikkelaar en leverancier van temperatuur- en vochtsensoren voor de agrarische secor. Draadloos uw gewas monitoren vanaf elke plek ter wereld. Smart farming is dichterbij dan u denkt. smart farming, vochtsensoren, temperatuursensoren, smart farming, technological farming, big data landbouw, sensoren; moist sensor temperature sensor smart farming precision farming sensors big data data sigfox data

Your Benefits

  • Time efficient monitoring of crop conditions

  • Immediate action upon alerts

  • Predicts effects of upcoming changes in conditions

  • Insights in local differences.

  • Accurate information for reporting

  • Easy way of sharing information inside and outside the organisation

  • Ability to analyse long term effects of changed conditions

  • Keeping track of progress against defined goals for reducing ecological footprint

  • Data driven decisions decrease ecological footprint

  • Complies with PlanetProof