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What does On the way to PlanetProof mean?

Beacon Fields chooses to focus on the pillars of the 'On the way to Planet Proof' quality mark for the agricultural sector. This quality mark has been developed for more sustainably grown fruit and vegetables, flowers, plants, trees and flower bulbs. Producers who comply with the rules may display 'On the way to PlanetProof' on their products. This label shows that the product has been produced more sustainably. On the basis of various themes, a legal European regulation will be drawn up for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector in the coming years. But what is more sustainable?

PlanetProof focuses on five focus areas of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: soil, landscape & biodiversity, water, energy, production & consumption and climate. The growers, growers and processors work for cleaner air, fertile soil, better water quality and circular waste processing and recycling.  


These provisions are effective in the following European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.


PlanetProof Themes

Energy & Climate | Crop protection  

Biodiversity & Landscape | Fertile soil | Fertilizer | Water

Light shielding | Waste & Purification | Packaging

How does Beacon Fields contributes to these goals?

By collecting and monitoring large amounts of data, we are able to simplify important choices by means of concrete information. With the correct use of this information Beacon Fields contributes (partly) to achieving multiple objectives in accordance with PlanetProof. Learn more about our mission.

Energy & Climate

With our cool / dry sensor we measure accurate information about the temperature / air humidity in your storage. Not entirely unimportant, because a wrong climate in your storage is disastrous for your harvest. By sending real-time data, in addition to optimizing the monitoring of your storage locations, we can also optimize energy consumption to the minimum consumption.

Beacon Fields is ontwikkelaar en leverancier van temperatuur- en vochtsensoren voor de agrarische secor. Draadloos uw gewas monitoren vanaf elke plek ter wereld. Smart farming is dichterbij dan u denkt. smart farming, vochtsensoren, temperatuursensoren, smart farming, technological farming, big data landbouw, sensoren; moist sensor temperature sensor smart farming precision farming sensors big data data sigfox data


With our water meter we can read exactly when and how hard it has rained. In addition, this sensor measures the soil moisture in your field. We also convert this data into usable information where the user can check for each crop on the legal quantity of nitrogen and phosphate in the soil. This makes it possible to apply precision fertilization within your company. Over longer measured time this information can also be used as part of larger soil analyzes where we can use the historical data as triggers to make future predictions.

Crop Protection

We use the data from your sensors to make predictions as accurately as possible in various areas. For example, we can learn from the measurements, among other things, when, how much and where to use pesticides. This predictable information is invaluable for the agricultural entrepreneur.With this information the farmer can save time & money, preserve his fields & crops and decrease emission thus contribute to a more sustainable environment. 


Essential for every crop is water. Our sensors are designed so that they can send accurate and real-time data on rainfall and soil moisture. We can also use sensors to analyze data and predict scenarios related to rainfall and the irrigation policy. Furthermore, we jump in on the sustainable use of water. Take, for example, our Valve Sensor, which automatically checks for the correct water pressure in the irrigation pipes. In addition, we measure the soil moisture content with our rain stations and we can make evaporative analyzes per crop in order to create the optimal supply of water.