Our Partners


Beacon Fields and 30MHz are partners! We have connected our two platforms, combining best of both worlds. Sensor data of Beacon Fields sensors are directly fed into the 30MHz systems. This creates many new ways of combining our open field- and greenhouse sensors with the very well equipped dashboard of 30MHz.  Growers will be able to share analyses and reports with colleagues, combine different data sets, create their own dashboards, and much more. A perfect addition to both our portfolio and 30 MHZ. If you already use the 30MHz dashboard, please contact your 30MHz account manager or get in touch with us directly.

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Recently we partner with UFO Supplies, the Netherlands based exporter of selected hardware for professional growers. UFO Supplies is a well known distributor with agents in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. They distribute our Soil Beacons and Air Beacons. Get in contact with UFO Supplies for professional advice and local support.




NFO Beacon Fields

The Dutch Fruit Growers Organization (NFO) is the organization of and for the professional, Dutch fruit growers. They represent the interests of fruit growers with special attention to crop protection, socio-economic issues, market-related developments, knowledge sharing and innovation. 


W.A.M. Pennings

W.A.M. Pennings is one of the largest bulb growers in the ‘Bollenstreek area’ and also test partner of the first hour. Seven types of crops are now being cultivated on more than 160 hectares of land. The aim is to use as few pesticides as possible with the cultivation of flower bulbs. The better visualization of the soil and crop conditions helps to further reduce crop protection products. That is why, in addition to our enthusiastic collaboration, they are also members of ‘Milieu Project Sierteelt’; a project that is focussed on lowering the use of pesticides. Next to that, they aspire to work according to the ‘On our way to Planet Proof’ regulations. 

WAM Pennings Beacon Fields


Proeftuin Randwijk is a collaboration between the Dutch Fruit Growers Organization (NFO), WUR, CAF & Fruitconsult. Within this collective of practical innovation and knowledge development for Dutch fruit growing, Beacon Fields contributes its part in making fruit cultivation more sustainable. 

Proeftuin Randwijk Beacon Fields

Wageningen University & Research (WUR)  

Through the University of Wageningen, Beacon Fields has stepped into a key knowledge group with several entrepreneurs working with precision farming. During various sessions we exchange new knowledge and contacts with businesses entrepreneurs and agricultural entrepreneurs. There are also guest speakers from politics, the university and from various project groups around the European Commission for Agricultural Subsidy that feed on new information about all developments in the sector.     

WUR Wageningen Beacon Fields


Sensohive is our developing partner and supplier based in the Denmark 

Sensohive Denmark Beacon Fields

Tentacles Innovation

Tentacles Innovation is our developing partner based in the Tsjech Republic. 

Tentacles Innovation Beacon Fields