Collecting data


The Beacon Air and Beacon Storage sensors are activated by tapping on it twice. The temperature Beacons are now monitoring its environment and will transmit the data directly to the Beacon Fields Dashboard in real-time.

You will be able to change the frequency of the monitoring, see graphs, set up alarms, and find API documentation in the Beacon Fields Dashboard.

Converting data into information

The data is stored in the Beacon Fields Cloud. From there the data is converted in customer specific information which is presented in a personal dashboard.


Depending on the use of the Storage Beacon, different triggers can be adjusted to suit the user's requirements.


If, for example, you are operating in food storage, you set the Temperature Beacon in accordance with the HACCP regulations. Warnings ensure that you can always take immediate action if the temperature is too high or too low.

The storage of agricultural goods is also guaranteed when using the Storage Beacon. Simply set the minimum and maximum standards and you can monitor your assets from anywhere in the world. The Storage Beacon is also a godsend for building management. Your guests, employees or others benefit from the right humidity and temperature.


In addition to real-time and continues control of these two variables, it is also possible to connect the sensor to humidifiers and air-conditioning systems. This gives you the possibility to always maintain the optimum temperature and humidity.

Based on your personally adjusted triggers, you can choose to take immediate action or postpone the problem. The advantage that the user gets is that he no longer has to check manually if everything is still in order, but can monitor this from a distance. In addition, the dashboard gives access to multiple users making it easier for everyone to monitor the temperature and humidity and take action where necessary. This saves you time, creates higher efficiency, and ensures constant and accurate information. In addition, with the reporting tool you can simply make a print-out for management controllers or external inspection parties.