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Either you store perishable goods, transport goods over the road or want to know the real-time temperature anywhere in your business. The Beacon Storage tells you every 10 minutes what's going on. Real-time data is presented in a personal dashboard where alarm triggers will warn you in-time when critical values are reached. With a large global coverage the Beacon Storage can also be used on the road to monitor your transport. Ideally for agricultural entrepreneurs whom like to see their products arrive in good shape at its final destination. 

Beacon Storage
- Internal Temperature
- External Temperature (thermo couple).
Specifically suitable for temperature monitoring in Cold Storages and climate control environments.


The Beacon Storage has all you need to get started built directly into the unit – batteries, antennas, converters etc.


The sensor has an impressive internal battery capacity of 5.200 mAh made with robust materials and will last in most industrial environments.


What does it measure?

Instant efficiency

Internal/External temperature

Real-time and continious data

Data storage in the Cloud

Sigfox network (global coverage)

Easy to install and expand

Interview on the Beacon Storage with Allan Visser (WAM Pennings) in Dutch.

''We incorporated the Beacon Storage throughout our whole company. Now we don't need to check temperature  manually anymore which saves us a lot of time.'' 

Beacon Storage

Beacon Fields is ontwikkelaar en leverancier van temperatuur- en vochtsensoren voor de agrarische secor. Draadloos uw gewas monitoren vanaf elke plek ter wereld. Smart farming is dichterbij dan u denkt. smart farming, vochtsensoren, temperatuursensoren, smart farming, technological farming, big data landbouw, sensoren; moist sensor temperature sensor smart farming precision farming sensors big data data sigfox data

your benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of stored goods, moist in buildings or cooling cells

  • Continuous data (every 10 minutes)

  • Pre-set alerting triggers

  • Time-efficient

  • Complies with PlanetProof