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The Beacon Air is designed as a robust wireless temperature and humidity sensor, which can run for many years without maintenance. The Beacon can be used indoor as well as outdoor and is ultimately suited for fruit growers to detect night frost. The sensor can be used for both temperature monitoring in the freezers or refrigerator or even for climate monitoring in the area where you store vegetables. All data is collected  in real-time and shown in a personal dashboard.


What does it measure?

Instant efficiency


Moisture level

Real-time and continious data

Data storage in the Cloud

Sigfox network (global coverage)

Easy to install and expand

WAM Pennings is one of our most recent cases in The Netherlands. Hear Allan Visser out on the enhancement of efficiency in his flower bulb business.

Beacon Fields is ontwikkelaar en leverancier van temperatuur- en vochtsensoren voor de agrarische secor. Draadloos uw gewas monitoren vanaf elke plek ter wereld. Smart farming is dichterbij dan u denkt. smart farming, vochtsensoren, temperatuursensoren, smart farming, technological farming, big data landbouw, sensoren; moist sensor temperature sensor smart farming precision farming sensors big data data sigfox data

Your Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of outdoor conditions

  • Real-time monitoring of indoor conditions (e.g. moist in building)

  • Continuous data 

  • Night frost detection

  • Pre-set alerting triggers

  • Time-efficient

  • Complies with PlanetProof

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