Beacon Fields Logo

Beacon Fields was founded in 2018 with the idea to contribute to global sustainability using technological developments. With a desire to leave earth in better condition for the next generation, we developed Remote Intelligence Solutions that support companies and organisations in their pursuit of reducing their environmental footprint.  


The agricultural sector seems a logical choice. With rising population growth and food scarcity in prospect, we believe it is important that we can contribute to sustainable cultivation and food consumption.

In addition to agriculture, our beacons lend themselves exceptionally well to other industries and with the help of our solutions we can provide a higher diversity of companies than we originally thought. Our solutions are adapted to ultimately contribute to a better world, time savings for the company, cost reduction and better decisions for the company.

Furthermore, we develop our own sensors as well as distribute sensors from suppliers to close our chain. We participate in studies, projects and pilots to improve the quality of our solutions. We invite you to get into contact with us to share knowledge and discuss together how we can contribute to your sustainability goals. 


Beacon Fields is ontwikkelaar en leverancier van temperatuur- en vochtsensoren voor de agrarische secor. Draadloos uw gewas monitoren vanaf elke plek ter wereld. Smart farming is dichterbij dan u denkt. smart farming, vochtsensoren, temperatuursensoren, smart farming, technological farming, big data landbouw, sensoren; moist sensor temperature sensor smart farming precision farming sensors big data data sigfox data